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Zoë Saville Wood
Zoë Saville Wood

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I’m happy that you want to get to know me better. I’m an open book, here to share my highest highs and lowest lows (because we’re all human, and you’re not alone in this!)

I too struggled with a lack of direction, feeling aimless and uncertain of where I was heading in life. I had achieved the things I’d set out to achieve (you know, the things society tells us we should achieve) but I couldn’t shake this underlying feeling, in the depths of my being, that there was something I was missing. Something I had neglected to acknowledge.

Ultimately, I had no idea what my true purpose was. I didn’t even know WHO I WAS.

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A lifetime of people-pleasing, over achieving and putting others wants and needs above my own had finally caught up with me.

What would really light me up?

I felt stuck, helpless and lost in a state of limbo that neither friendly advice nor a library of self-help books could get me out of.

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Staying trapped in this limbo-state kept me playing small and as a result I started developing depressive symptoms and behaviours. I retreated into myself, choosing solitude over connection, to avoid constantly comparing myself to others. I even pushed my family away because their advice just wasn’t helping me (and I felt a sense of shame for not living up to “their” expectations). 

In my mind, everyone else seemed to know exactly who they were, what they wanted and where they were on their path. I began to panic and feared being left behind. The pressure I put on myself only made matters worse, impacting my confidence and sending me deeper down the spiral.

I gave up.

I would come home after work exhausted, by a job I no longer enjoyed. I’d try to escape the reality of my life with the latest binge-series on Netflix and ignore the mountain of chores building up around the house. I’d order takeout rather than cook because I literally could not bring myself to get up off the couch – and my self-image had gone out the window ages ago. 

It got bad, real bad. 

So bad that it woke me up and I had a shift in my awareness. If I had created this story, I was the only one who could re-write it. It began, and could end, with me. Once it had sunk in, I was unstoppable.

Self-doubt hadn't served me.

So I poured my spare time into building up my self-love muscle.

Low energy was keeping me stuck.

So I changed up my eating habits and introduced some healthier practices, like getting myself to a yoga and meditation class frequently.

Money had always been an issue for me.

But I knew I had developed a seriously bad mindset. So I ditched Dr Google and hired a mentor to fast-track my progress.

Time for

Zoë Saville Wood with her eyes closed and hand on her heart

The journey
to discover my
true purpose

I pulled myself all the way back up that spiral staircase and went higher than I’d ever been. Suddenly, I was me again! With clarity about who I was, what I wanted for my life and best of all, how I’d get there. I was back in the driver’s seat baby and I wasn’t ever taking the back seat again!

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What I learnt on my journey changed every facet of my life. And it equipped me with the expertise to help YOU.

Call it my true purpose, because it sets my soul aflame to see my clients around the world applying the same practices I did, and transforming their lives in the process. Oh, how it lights me up! To see them find their own inner truth, get the clarity they desire, and live out their true purpose!

Now tell me beauty, what could be more rewarding than that?
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My life path

Originally from the ancient forests of New Zealand, I followed my inner compass to the white-sand beaches of Perth, WA, where I now live my life’s purpose with my soul hunk and our doggo, Biggie.